Inked-Out Collages – Enter the Psychedelic World of Artist Anika Lori (GALLERY)

The psychedelic workings of artist Anika Lori can only be portrayed as some alternative world, in which you'll lose yourself in. These different illustrations are not only beautiful and dreamlike, but…

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Diehl Breakers

Over-the-top custom shades at a nice price

ToughBreaker1.jpg ToughBreaker2.jpg

From one of NYC’s hardest-working designers target="_blank">House of Diehl, this new line of one-off sunglasses mixes high camp with one-of-a-kind appeal at a price point that means you can still indulge in your Rick Owens obsession too. The Wayfarer styles are studded, chained, grommeted, dipped, painted—anything but basic. “Your accessories should always be the loudest thing about you. Isabella Blow once told me that,” says Roman Milisic, who co-founded Diehl with his wife, Mary Jo Diehl.

SunsetBreaker1.jpg CandyPaneBreaker1.jpg

Starting at a wallet-friendly price of $ 50 a pair, “Our breakers are special enough to …

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Crocheted striped beanie beard

crocheted striped beanie beard

For gents that have a hard time growing in a full beard, and the more straight laced types want to let their freak flag fly for a night, this crocheted striped beanie beard is a perfect accompaniment to a naked face. Designer Tara Duff created it to fit snug on the face like a mask during the cold winter months. Or a night out at the dive bar.


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Iconic Catridge Art – Faith Pearson Recreates Pop Culture Moments with Printer Cartridges (GALLERY)

I am still taken by surprise at what artists like Faith Pearson can come up with. There truly is no limit as to what can be used for the sake of art -- just look at these artsy printer cartridges.


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Upcycled gown made from 1000 paper cranes


This stunning ball gown by young designer Yuliya Kyrpo is literally made from a thousand paper cranes, which in turn were made from the twisted truth of too many old Metro newspapers. It’s on display at London’s Science Museum.
paper crane dress
paper crane dress
paper crane dress


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Black Metal or Die

Picture 12Maggots, Baphomet, long-taloned claws breaking through evil faces, crazy scythe wielding demons, candelabras welded from the remains of human skulls, rot, decay and Mayhem (the general sense of disorder, and the band) all seem to pump their fists and raise their axes in artist Mark Riddick’s world. I would not be surprised if this dude drank the blood of a goat and burned a church or two. Okay, maybe not….but his drawings make me want to shred and paint my face…on his website he says he’s been illustrating for the black/death metal world since ‘91. Stay death metal forever.

Picture 11 Picture 8 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 10 Picture 9

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Clamper: Radio, Computer

“Extend the life of your electronics. Clamper. Surge protection devices.”

Clamper is a technology company producing equipment to protect devices against voltage surges. The products connect the consumer’s appliances – TV, DVD, stereos, and computers – to a plug preventing the damage that might otherwise be caused when lightning strikes.

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Director: Ricardo Matos
Copywriters: Dan Zecchinelli, Leandro Neves
Photographer: Pedro Gravata
Post Production: Aderson Fagundes

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Disorder Disorder in Sydney

Anthony Lister

Pitched as ‘Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art’, Disorder Disorder is running until November 14 at Penrith Regional Gallery. It’ll be well worth the trip out west of Sydney: the Australian, Japanese, American and European cast reads like a warriors of street art roundup and includes Mike Giant, Ed Templeton, Anthony Lister [artwork above], Ozzie Wright, and Jonathan Zawada.

Curated by Joseph Allen — the man behind countless Monster Children Gallery shows – the exhibition is rooted in street art and pop culture, with artists whose work has evolved within graffiti, skateboarding, tattooing, comics, surfing, commercial art and heavy metal. It’s …

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Pearl C. Hsiung


LA based artist Pearl C. Hsiung paints out-of-this-world scenes that are just breath taking. It’s almost like you are entering a surrealist realm.  A lot of her work incorporates heavy use of spray paint and stencils. Her latest series, Never Ends, will be showing at the Steve Turner Contemporary later this year. It will show case her newest painting, installations, and video art.


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